Will Disputes

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Will Disputes

Although you may be dealing with the death of a loved one and this can be a very stressful time sometimes disputes can arise in relation to Wills, trusts, or probate. A few scenarios when this can happen are listed below:

  • Invalid Will in other words it was not created properly as the necessary legal formalities were not completed
  • Lack of mental capacity of the person making the Will at the time when the Will was created
    Undue influence to leave property or increased share of the estate to beneficiaries at the expense of others
  • A beneficiary who has been omitted from the Will
  • Lack of certainty in the Will
  • Fraud and deception
  • Forgery
  • The Will in its present form does not fulfill the intentions of the person whose Will it is due to a lack of clarity

We at Mikhael Law can help you whether you are a beneficiary, executor, or trustee in relation to disputes arising in connection with the estate following the death of the Will creator. This area of law is known as contentious probate.
We recommend you seek specialist legal advice if you are dealing with this situation.