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Where the parties have decided upon getting a divorce then if there are children of the family, consideration has to be given in relation to their welfare. If the parties agree on how to co-parent and care for their children then this is usually the best way forward.
However, sometimes there are disagreements between the parents on various issues such as contact, living arrangements, change of name, schooling, religion, and medical treatment.
In circumstances where agreements are not reached then the court can intervene and make court orders dealing with the issues between the parties. In doing so the court will look at what is in the best interest of the child(ren).

The type of orders the court can make include:

  • Child Arrangement Orders which deal with issues of contact and living arrangements,
  • Specific Issue Orders that deal with a particular issue such as schooling, religion, medical treatment
  • Prohibited Steps Orders that deal with issues that the court intervenes to prevent a parent from carrying out a particular activity such as removing the child(ren) from the UK amongst other things

At Mikhael Law we can help and support you if you are having difficulties in reaching an agreement with the other parent or person with parental responsibility.