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If you are thinking about getting a Divorce and need help with starting the divorce process we at Mikhael Law can help you. If you start the process then you are the applicant and as such you will be required to complete and submit the divorce application.

We can help you with this process during this stressful time to ensure that the application is done legally correct. We can offer a fixed fee for this stage to enable you to keep costs in control.
Our fixed fee starts from £600 for cases where both you and your spouse (who will be the respondent in the proceedings) both agree to the divorce. There will be court fees to pay.

If you are the applicant that is the person applying for the divorce then you will need to pay the legal fees and the court fees. If your spouse agrees then you may agree with them to share these costs.

In situations where the divorce is not agreed by both sides then the application goes before the court for a hearing to decide on various issues including costs This will incur additional costs for both parties.
If you have difficulty paying the court fees in some circumstances you can get help with court fees if you are eligible. Complicated divorces are charged at the standard solicitors’ hourly rates at £210 per hour.

Responding to a Divorce application

We can help you with responding to the Divorce application if your spouse has started the application. The court will send you a copy of the application so you can respond to it.
We can assist you with keeping costs in control by giving you a fixed amount to pay for our services to respond to the application. We charge a competitive rate fixed fee rate starting from £400. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the process then let us take care of these matters for you so you can have time to concentrate on important things such as your future goals.